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Remote Backup disaster Recovery

Remote Backup disaster Recovery

Remote backup disaster recovery includes a few different moving pieces. The first is remote backups – this essentially means a company that provides networking services, such as iPoint Technologies, routinely makes copies of your company’s most significant data, and then stores those copies on a server that is located somewhere far away from your office. That way, if a disaster occurs – such as a wildfire, or one of your employees clicks on a suspicious link that downloads a ton of ransomware onto your servers, and suddenly you cannot access any business information unless you pay a huge ransom to strangers over the internet – your company’s information is safe and can be recovered! (Take that, fraudsters!)

by | Mar 12, 2014 | News & Insights

Happy Wednesday everyone! This short blog will be a little different from the others. Instead of talking about recent news or tips, we will be briefly talking about some of the things we have been up to as well as hinting at some future plans. We’ve been doubling down to make this year the best year ever at iPoint!

It’s getting close to tax season again. Are you feeling the stress yet? Maybe you have been neglecting filing your taxes, or maybe you are a CPA and have been overloaded with customers. Either way, as we get closer to that April 15 deadline, we will be releasing more exciting offers (and maybe even some awesome prizes), so stay tuned!

Social media is a large focus here at iPoint. We love being able to communicate with our customers. In an effort to expand our efforts, we will start producing short videos. The first video will be live today on our Facebook page and YouTube page. It features a brief look at one of our network techs: Kevin Gallagher. We plan to make many more videos and even creating video blogs as well.

Keep an eye on our Facebook (like us if you haven’t already) as this is where we will be posting news about most of our events. As a further incentive, we will soon start a series of fun contests on our Facebook page. The first one will start at the beginning of April. The winners of these contests will receive awesome prizes! The only way to make sure you don’t miss any of these opportunities is to like our Facebook page.