I-Remote Backup

 I-Remote Backup

Business Remote Backup Service

Catastrophic disasters such as fire, flood, theft and crashes can put your important company data at risk of being lost. Due to nature and other elements being unpredictable, iPoint offers i-Remote Backup which is a scheduled backup system that allows your important data files to be stored in a safe and secure off-site location allowing you to worry only about what makes your business great!

Don’t Let it Happen to Your Business

This remote backup can benefit your business in many ways:

Eliminate loss of business and down time

Preserve mission critical data in case of other failed backups

After hours scheduled backups to keep system resources available throughout the work day


$59.95/Month for cloud backup and unlimited storage space.

**One Time Setup fee of $199.00 per Server or Device/PC
**No Overage Charges, Unlimited data storage

What type of encryption does i-RemoteBackup for Small Business use?
I-RemoteBackup for Small Business uses AES-256 encryption.

Where is my encrypted data stored?
Your data is stored in one of the i-RemoteBackup for Small Business data centers in the US and Australia. Data is not transferred between data centers.

Is i-RemoteBackup certified for ISO27001 or SSAE16 compliance?
We ensure and monitor appropriate ISO27001 or SSAE16 certifications for our cloud data centers, and are an ISO27001-certified organization. 

Can I use i-RemoteBackup for Small Business in environments subject to specific regulation such as HIPAA?

What should I back up?
In general, we recommend that you back up the files you create, edit, and access. Typically, these are stored in your User directory or Home folder. The backup app isn’t designed to back up system and application files.


Contact us today to ensure that you are backing up your business’ data!