Hosting and Maintenance

Partner with the Pros!


We take the speed and security of your website seriously!  That’s why we’ve partnered with the industry leaders in hosting and security -Cloudflare.

With our server partnership, you get access to the fastest, most secure, and feature robust WordPress Website Hosting on the planet!


Some features of the Managed WordPress Hosting include:

  • Maximum speed and performance to deliver your website to your users faster than your competitors.  A natural boost in SEO!
  • Next level threat blocking and security
  • Automated WordPress and PHP updates, with automatic rollback
  • Daily and unlimited on demand backups
  • Access to staging and development sites by request



All of our clients who host with us receive a free Encrypted SSL certificate for their website.  SSLs secure your website’s data for the length of the life on our servers.

If you already have the SSL you were previously using we can continue to use this as well, but this is just a benefit we offer.


Smart Plugin Manager

We’re happy to finally be able to offer the gold standard of WP Plugin Updates, Smart Plugin Manager.

Smart Plugin Manager’s machine learning technology will automatically keep all of your website’s plugins and themes up to date on a weekly basis without incurring extra development costs!

If for some reason a plugin update breaks your website, SPM automatically rolls back the update and let’s us know – no worries!


Global Edge Security

As an added option to your already rock solid WP Engine hosting, we are proud to offer Global Edge Security as a part of our hosting packages.

In conjunction with Cloudflare, Global Edge Security offers:

  • Boosted perfomance with Global CDN
  • Continuous DDOS Protection
  • Managed Web Application Firewall




iPoint’s Continuous Care Plan

We know how much your website means to your business, and we also know how important it is for your website to always be taken care of by professionals who know what they are doing.  While we give all of our clients the tools and training to manage their own site, we also offer hand-free care plans for those business owners too busy to make updates themselves.

Our Continuous Care Plan – ​ $349/quarter or $1199/year*

Priority Support

Support requests will resolved within 48 hours, on business days.

Smart Plugin Manager and Global Edge Security
We will provide both SPM and GES complimentary to all of our Continuous Care Plans – keeping your site as fast and secure and humanly (or robotly) possible.

Image Optimization
We start with removing any images and/or image thumbnail sizes that are not being used on your website, then regenerate theme thumbnails after the right sizes are selected. Once initial removal of unnecessary images is complete, the remaining images on the site will be compressed and optimized.

This will greatly reduce the overall size and load speed of your website.

Site Optimization
We make sure that your site is loading as fast as possible by implementing some extra optimization tactics. To start we will combine and minify the CSS and JavaScript files that are loaded by all plugins and the theme. After this, we check for and remove any instances if mixed content or blocked resources and finally add any further caching and compression for the fastest load time possible.

Database Cleanup and Optimization
Another area we will focus on cleaning up is the WordPress Database itself. From the database we will be able to remove old revisions/drafts of pages and posts that are no longer needed. We can also remove any comments that are spam, trash or still marked as pending as these are not always routinely removed from the WordPress Database when deleted.

Admin Area Cleanup
In order to keep the WordPress Admin Area free from clutter that tends to build up over time, we will comb through and remove any plugins or themes that are no longer being used. We will also remove any other unused items that might be clogging up your WordPress admin such as unused categories, taxonomies, custom posts (like events, locations, staff, portfolio, etc).

Content, Security, and Performance Audit
We will audit your live site for common issues concerning website security and performance, as well as check for any issues with the website content.

These issues may include but are not limited to:

  • Does the website load as it is supposed to?
  • How fast (or slow) does the website load?
  • Can anything be done to improve the page load speed if it is running slow?
  • Are there any parts of the website that appear to be broken or not working properly?
  • Does the content on the website make sense, and support the overall message?

Up to 3 Hours of Extra Development Time Each month

Included with your Continuous Care Plan, you will receive up to 3 hours of extra development time that can be used to fix small issues, edit content, and/or update images on the website.

This development time will typically be used to complete all of the above items to steadily improve the function of your website after plugin updates are finished.

Any time used for requested edits will be taken out of this allotment.

Additional Website Monitoring $59.99/quarter or $199.99/year

Uptime Monitoring
We will constantly monitor your website using industry standard tools, and immediately (within business hours) take action to bring your site back up if it goes down. Time spent to bring your website back up will be taken from monthly allowance and not billed.

404 Monitoring
Sometimes links to certain pages change, sometimes people have the wrong link, and sometimes mistakes just happen – regardless we will monitor all occurrences where a user clicks on a link to your site that is broken (resulting in a 404 error), and on a monthly bases, create redirects to send users to the correct pages in the future.

Time spent creating redirects or to bring your website back up will be taken from monthly allowance and not billed.

Please note:
If a maintenance package is not added to your account, each plugin or theme update, or any site optimization will be billed at our regular hourly rate.

* Continuous Care Plans can only be bundled with an existing Website Hosting Plan and must have at least a 6 month contract.