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by | Nov 26, 2014 | Networking, News & Insights

Google has continually been a great resource for businesses. In recent years, Google + has grown as an internet reference guide for all businesses. Businesses can, and should, utilize their opportunity for a free listing on Google in order to maximize internet visibility in search results.

However, with so many Google applications, the Google + reference guide had become convoluted. It was very unclear about where businesses needed to be listed, and how the business would appear on the various applications: Google Places, Google Maps, Google Local and, finally, Google Plus.

With so many options, business owners found themselves working to place themselves on Google Maps, only to find out later that they had a completely separate, but nearly the same listing, on Google Plus.

After years of frustration, Google announced earlier this year that they were in the process of transferring the bulk of these applications into one business page, Google + Brand page.

What are the Benefits?

The transfer allows business that are location-based who initially created a brand page instead of a local page to transfer the features of their local page onto their current brand page. All of the reviews, address information, verification and the Map pin will relocate onto the brand page.

Just To Be Clear:

This relocation isn’t considered a merger of the two pages, it is the transfer of established local data from a current (and verified) local page to a Brand page. The outcome of which is a verified Local Page.

What Stays the Same?

The posts, followers and circles from the current Brand page will continue to stay as they were. Additionally, the settings that are already established on the Local page will be intact.

How To Make The Transfer:

  1. Verify Local Page
  2. Go to Page settings for your Local Page – Scroll to Profile
  3. At bottom of profile, scroll to: This page is connected to Google Maps – Connect to different page
  4. Select Connect To A Different Page – Confirm

What Do You Think?

Doing the transfer will help business owners to utilize a much easier to use, faster response time and logical application. For those of you who’ve done it, what do you think? Does it make the management easier of your Google + account?