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Location Based Advertising

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What is Black-Hat SEO

What is Black-Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is like getting a speeding ticket in the world of Marketing. It’s disapproved of, and if you get caught enough times, your website will be in some serious trouble, since most of the time it ends in a search engine ban. Yeah, that means you’’ go from a top ranker to totally black-listed…

by | Oct 5, 2016 | Digital Marketing

Fort Collins Location Based Advertising

Have you ever wanted to advertise to a certain demographic, audience, or location? iPoint now offers Location Based Advertising! LBA gives you the opportunity to customize your advertising and serve relevant ads to your target audience. Your ads will appear on the most popular sites and apps across the internet! Give us a call at (970) 266-0703 and see how we can work together to grow your business today!

Geo Retargeting

Deliver ads to consumers that have frequented specific
locations in the past. Ads are delivered to consumers who enter and then leave a ‘fence’.

Geo Fencing

Enables you to set a virtual perimeter for any real-world geographic area. Ads are delivered to consumers who enter the ‘fence’.

Site Retargeting

Targets users who have already visited your site while they are visiting other sites across the web. Site retargeting is a highly effective method of converting site visitors into purchasers and making contact.

IP Targeting

Deliver ads to IP addresses based on real world physical addresses. Target unique internet users within a specific household or business and serve relevant ads to your audience.

Keyword Retargeting

Allows you to show banner ads to people who have recently searched for keywords that are relevant for your business.