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Feed Your Products to Google

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by | Jul 30, 2012 | Web Design

The Google Product Feed, commonly known as Google shopping, is a price comparison service.  Users are able to search for retail products based on a variety of demographics including price, brand, size and many more.  Once you have searched for a product, Google will deliver results which include photos and links to the vendors’ ecommerce sites, further facilitating the “search to purchase” process.  This is a great benefit to consumers looking for specific products quickly because they are able to visually analyze their options with regards to their budget and other specifications with a few clicks of the mouse.  Online shopping is all too common today, but Google shopping makes it even easier by finding products for the consumer and listing literally thousands of options which can be tweaked to the taste of the user.

Google’s product feed is reliable for a number of reasons:

  • Google does not charge fees for listings
  • Google makes no commission on sales
  • They don’t accept funds to push products to the top of search feeds.

Therefore, the competition is fair and not based on which company has the bigger wallet.  As the current king of internet search engines, it is a great advantage to have your products listed in Google’s product search engine.  If you already have a shopping cart, you should be doing a product feed with Google.  Contact iPoint to get one set up today.