Marketing Beacons
Local Based Advertisment with iPoint



Marketing Beacons are small, battery-powered devices that can transmit signals to any Android smartphone or tablet within 300 feet. These small—but mighty—gadgets provide a more personalized way for you to let new customers know about special offers or new products. Using location-based BLE technology, beacons can be used to draw nearby customers into a store with a discount or promotion. Once inside, guests can then receive notifications with timely information about discounts and services. This innovative technology enables you to reach a wider range of customers with your content, driving traffic into your store and onto your app or website. Simply set up a few within or around your store, and iPoint can help you deliver targeted, strategic messages to any potential client within a 100-yard radius—that’s almost the length of a football field. Its simple! Just tell us the text you want nearby customers to see and turn the beacon on. VOILA! These are a must for any business with a retail location.