Location Based Advertising

Location based adverting allows you to send potential customers your message based on their location. Imagine sending ads to customers that frequent locations near you or who work or live nearby.  We use the latest in GPS location technology to pin-point a users location and send them a targeted message.  We send you a monthly report that tracks how many people saw your message and then clicked on it as well. Track conversions/ROI with Foot Traffic Attribution that measures digital ads with actual visits to your physical location.

Geo Fencing

Geo-Fencing. Location Based Advertising with iPoint Technologies

Enables you to set a virtual perimeter for any real-world geographic area.  Ads are delivered to consumers who enter and leave the ‘fence’. You can reach potential customers at a sporting event, frequent a location near you or even may visit a competitors location.

Keyword Retargeting

Keyword Retargeting - Location Based Advertising with iPoint Technologies

Allows you to show banner ads to people who have never visited your website, but have recently searched for keywords that are relevant for your business.

IP Targeting

IP Targeting - Location Based Adverttising with iPoint Technologies

Deliver ads to IP addresses based on real world physical addresses.  Target down tot he unique Internet users within a specific household or business and serve relevant ads to your audience.