Local Based Advertisment with iPoint

What is a location-based advertising campaign?

By 2020, 90% of US sales will be influenced by digital communications, the majority of which will be on mobile.

Location based adverting (LBA) allows you to engage with potential customers using their location. With the latest GPS technology, we can send consumers targeted messages from your business, driving traffic into your store and raising brand awareness.

Want to measure ROI? We use Foot Traffic Attribution (FTA) to accurately compare digital ads with actual visits to your store. We’ll send you a monthly report tracking how many people viewed and engaged with your ad.


Enables you to set a virtual perimeter—or “fence”—for any real-world geographic area.  Ads are delivered to consumers who enter and leave the fence. You can reach potential customers at a sporting event, who frequent a location near you, or even visit a competitor’s location. Geofencing grows brand awareness. The mobile marketing strategy that leverages geofencing provides local and multi-channel businesses the chance to communicate with their potential consumers who are close by and ready to purchase through mobile phones.

Site Retargeting iPoint
Local Based Advertisment with iPoint

Search and Keyword Retargeting:

This especially tech-dependent method of LBA targets users based on their previous searches on major search engines like Google or Bing. This allows us to repeatedly show your ad to consumers who have previously searches for services relating your business, building your brand’s exposure.

Behavioral Targeting:

Base your marketing on real-world behavioral trends to ensure you are reaching your target consumer accurately and efficiently.

Demographic Targeting:

Demographic targeting enables you to only show your ads to specific individuals based on age, race, gender, or household income. This allows you to avoid spending your ad dollars on visitors that likely won’t utilize your business’ products or services, instead targeting only those that fit your desired consumer profile.