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What is Black-Hat SEO

What is Black-Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is like getting a speeding ticket in the world of Marketing. It’s disapproved of, and if you get caught enough times, your website will be in some serious trouble, since most of the time it ends in a search engine ban. Yeah, that means you’’ go from a top ranker to totally black-listed…

by | Apr 10, 2013 | Digital Marketing

To many users, Google Analytics can appear difficult to grasp.  With so many SEO tools and reports, it can be overwhelming to try and use the program if one is not already familiar with some of its ins-and-outs.  First, let’s see what we can learn by utilizing Google Analytics:

 Executives can learn:

  • Which marketing initiatives are most effective
  • Accurate website traffic patterns/trends
  • Which customer and customer segments are most valuable

Marketing Professionals can learn:

  • Where visitors come from and what do they do on the site
  • How can the website convert more visitors into customers
  • Which keywords resonate with prospects and lead to conversions
  • Which online ad or creative is the most effective

Content & Developers can learn:

  • Where people leave the site
  • Which pages retain visitors the longest
  • What search terms people use to find the site

After digesting this, it is easy to see that Analytics can be extremely beneficial for a company to pursue.  iPoint offers quarterly SEO reporting, which can be viewed in detail here.  While these reports may provide further insight into the program, the process of using Analytics may still be unclear.  Visit this site if you wish to learn the basics of using Google Analytics, so that you can track your search engine rankings and better position your business for success in the ever-evolving digital marketplace: