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Meet Our Team

Below is a list of Information Point Technologies team employees, their extensions and a brief bio. Please feel free to click a button below to jump to a specific department.

Sales Department

Peter Fardal

Peter Fardal

Director of Sales & Marketing

970-266-0703 x 300

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Pete graduated from Colorado State University in 1996 with a degree in travel industry management. After graduating Pete held sales positions with several large corporations before starting a sales position in IT services in 1999. At iPoint, Pete handles sales and marketing for the business. When not working he enjoys spending time with his wife Lisa and sons Kai and Kekoa.

Joe Deming

Business Sales Consultant

970-266-0703 x 312

Networking Department

Bill Bleich

Bill Bleich

Network Consultant

970-266-0703 x 301

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Bill graduated from the University of Florida in 1996 with a Bachelor of Design in Architecture. After graduation, Bill went to work for a large architecture firm located in Aspen, Colorado. At the time, the architecture firm did not have a computer support technician onsite to take care of its internal servers, PC’s, printers and associated software. Bill was one of the first members of the firm’s computer committee which was in charge of making equipment/software upgrade and replacement recommendations to the Firms Principals for consideration. During this time Bill gained the hands on knowledge of Network infrastructure and Server/PC setup, installation and troubleshooting/repair. In 1998 Bill moved to Fort Collins to pursue a career in the IT sector.  With his passion and dedication to customer service and computer technology, Bill eventually formed iPoint in 2002 after working for a local IT firm.

Mark Herndon

Mark Herndon

Network Department Manager

970-266-0703 x 303

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A graduate of Central Washington University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology, Mark moved to Colorado with his family in 2000. After wetting his feet with a private telecom company based out of Phoenix, AZ, he worked as a computer applications specialist at Colorado State University for 3 years. He left CSU to explore IT consulting in the private sector and worked for another 3 years before joining Information Point Technologies in 2005. With a decade plus of IT experience and his enjoyment in working with people, Mark brings an abundance of knowledge and great enthusiasm to help Information Point Technologies adapt to an ever changing IT marketplace. When not at work, Mark enjoys spending time with his family and is a Seattle Seahawks fan… but don’t hold that against him.

Mitch DeZwarte

Mitch DeZwarte

Network Technician

970-266-0703 x 314

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Mitch has been focused in IT for many years with experience in Networking, Web Design, and SEO. Prior to joining the IT industry, Mitch was a professional full-time musician and music teacher for 15 years. Mitch holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Audio Engineering from the University of Colorado at Denver. You will see Mitch performing with local artist Wendy Woo throughout the Rocky Mountain Region year round. He also helps out with live sound production along the Front Range with Rockfan Entertainment. In his off-time he enjoys fishing, riding his bike, and spending time with his wife and two sons. Mitch brings a wide experience to iPoint with his attention on advancing technology and is focused on providing the latest in comprehensive network solutions.

Digital Marketing Department

Abel McBride

Abel McBride

Digital Marketing Manager

970-266-0703 x 315

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Abel graduated from Lamar University in Texas in 2011 while working as the Multimedia Director for a large church in that area. He has since held the role as Multimedia Director for a marketing firm before moving out to Northern Colorado to take a job as Creative Director for a church. Now, working with iPoint, he is excited to be able to use his experience in the creative space to help iPoint customers optimize their digital marketing needs. Outside of work Abel enjoys skiing, hiking, traveling, and hanging out with friends.

Laurine Peel

Laurine Peel

Digital Marketing Specialist

970-266-0703 x 308

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After graduating with a Master’s Degree in Marketing Strategy and e-Management in Paris, France, Laurine decided to follow her dreams and to challenge herself, helping American Companies grow their businesses. At iPoint, Laurine works as a Digital Marketing professional. She is responsible for researching and analyzing trends, as well as the best practices online to develop and implement digital marketing strategies that improve search results. Outside of the her work at iPoint, Laurine enjoys traveling, being outside in the mountains, either hiking or walking her dog.

Laurine fun

Web Department

Devin Egger

Devin Egger

Web Developer

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Devin graduated from Iowa State University in 2010 receiving a Bachelors Degree in Business with Double Majors in Accounting and Management Information Systems.  His passion has always been to use technology to help small businesses create more efficient processes that allow them to grow to new heights.  Devin has been building websites for 9 years now, and has spent the last 3 years before coming to iPoint running a small business of his own – building websites for small businesses.

Outside of work, Devin spends a lot of time playing with bees and honey.  He started a non-profit called Bee Mindful and has a strong desire not only to save the bees, but also to spark an interest in budding beekeepers and help guide them in their journey.  Devin is also an avid mead (honey wine) brewer and makes what he bee-lieves to be the best honey wine West of the Mississippi.

Accounting Department

Kami Miller

Kami Miller

970-266-0703 x 305

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Kami graduated from Illinois State University in 1996 with a degree in Finance and minor in International Business.  After graduation, she lived in Chicago (Go Cubs!) before moving to Colorado in 1999.  In addition to working in accounting, she has also been a Paraprofessional with the Poudre School District.  When not working, she enjoys yoga and likes to spend time with her family outdoors; hiking, boating and camping. 

Kami fun

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