Website Blues Be Gone

We’ve had plenty of websites go live this past month. Have you looked at any them? Our web designers have worked incredibly hard to build unique, easy to use, and mobile friendly sites for our clients. We wrote our blog post this week about what all we do when it comes with web services. We offer a multitude of services depending on where you are with your business website needs. Give us a call and we can meet you where you are.

New Site Development

Starting a new business can be incredibly time consuming. There is always a lot to be thinking of and even more to be planning. We often see new business owners try to quickly throw together a website and then not think about it again. Your website is the gateway into gaining customer trust. How are clients going to know your business is trustworthy, a strong competitor, and detailed oriented if your website isn’t? At iPoint, we have taken the stress of designing and creating beautiful, easy to navigate, and mobile friendly websites. We work closely with our clients, so the website is exactly what they envision without the hassle on them. At the end of the process, we even teach you how to use WordPress to update and make changes to your website, so you still have the power in your site. We work with your needs to make your business exactly how you want it to be seen.


Do you think your website needs a fresh, new feel to keep up to date with the most recent trends? Here at iPoint, we can help. We can take your existing WordPress site and create a beautiful new design that is sure to grab attention. We’ll make sure the site is mobile friendly to stay in tune with new technology. We can even add interactive portions on your site to create a more personalized experience for customers. Make sure your customers’ first stop at your site isn’t their last.

Website Updates

New technology comes fast, and it can drastically change the ease of your website. Maybe you want your site to be more interactive, so customers feel they are getting individualized responses and services when using your business. We can help you make these updates, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle. We can even help with simple updates like changing the images or content on your site. Our goal is to make your life easier with ensuring you always have an eye-catching and engaging site. We will meet you where you are. Whether you need simple update work done, or big changes, our Fort Collins’ web design team and website developers will help you create the online presence that puts you front and center of your audience.

Ecommerce Sites

iPoint provides top quality web design and development of eCommerce platforms. Our team has experience setting up small business eCommerce sites as well as creating platforms that hold 50,000 products. We specialize in WooCommerce for WordPress. No matter the size of your business we are sure to surpass your expectations and create an eye-catching design that will draw in more clients.

2018 Web Design Trends

web design blogA New Year is on the way, and new challenges for the web designers will come with it.  We are going to see more advanced technologies and innovations in 2018.  Let’s see and talk about what to expect in terms of web design trends.

Here are the big line trends for the Web Design World:

  1. Drop shadows & depth

Drops shadows & depth give a new dimension to the design of a website and create illusion of an outside world behind the flat screen. The website become Live with this technique which attract visitor’s eyes.

  1. Vibrant, saturated color schemes

Vibrant, saturated color schemes captivates everyone attention. This New Year will be full of variation of bright and colorful designs. Web designers are inspired by creating stunning and beautiful colors which will charm even deeper visitor’s interactions.

  1. Particle backgrounds

If you never heard about it, this is a new way to go around the issue of an animated image. Everything is visual nowadays, particle backgrounds are created to be as effective as words could be. The motion will imprint in your visitor’s mind which will increase the popularity of a website.

  1. Mobile first

Who doesn’t use a mobile device to navigate into the web? Web designers are now mastering the development of incredible approaches in terms of mobile designs with new menus…

  1. Custom illustrations

Custom illustrations can be very cool to add where websites are willing to change and be fun. This is also a great idea to be different than your competition.

  1. Big, bold typography

As much as images typography is a very popular tool and must be chosen wisely by web designers. Having the right typography is critical as the content can get impacted by it. Large, bold typography and creative fonts are becoming the playground of the creative brain.

  1. Asymmetry and broken grid layouts

Asymmetry and broken grid layouts are loved by big brands and are used to break the rules of a classic design.

  1. Integrated animations

Integrated animations are an interesting instrument which web designers know how to play with pretty well. This coming year, we will see more advanced styles and animated graphics.

  1. Dynamic gradients

In 2018, dynamic gradients get back on track with a modern touch on colors. They make websites vibrant and add interesting effects.


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