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Elevate the Bounds of Your Message

For almost a century, photography has been traditionally limited to the ground. Ground photography and videos simply cannot capture the feeling of the complete property like IPoint’s Fort Collins aerial photography. Aerial Photography from airplanes and helicopters are able to provide a “birds-eye” view, but can quickly exceed budgets of thousands of dollars. Moreover, traditional aerial photography is too far away to provide a great perspective for the audience.

Capture Promotional Videos and Photos

Airpoint is not limited to these businesses. Don’t see your industry on the list? Give us a call and we will help you get the footage you are looking for.

Landscaping companies

Golf courses

Home builders

Realtors – high end properties

Roofing companies

Land developers


Our Fort Collins aerial photography provides users an excellent perspective of your property, business location or landscape.

Non-traditional footage will differentiate your company from competitors.

Film in any type of environment or terrain.

Cost-effective, unique videos with high production quality.

Cutting-edge panning and moving shots that were, before, unobtainable with traditional videography.