5 Steps for Optimizing Videos

by | Aug 10, 2012 | Blog

Video OptimizationThese days, it is crucial to optimize your digital assets in order to improve the search engine rankings for your website.  Advancements in search engine technology have caused video, images and news to all be incorporated into standard search results, resulting in opportunities for markets to achieve increased visibility by implementing basic video SEO principles.

Below are 5 basic tips for video SEO:

  1. Optimize Keywords:  Similar to all other SEO video involves using relevant keywords (in the file name, title, tags, etc.) for both user and search engine spider use.  You should also include a short paragraph that describes the video to reap maximum rankings.
  2. Share Videos:  These kinds of websites are great for gaining exposure for your video as well as additional links.  Don’t forget- videos hosted on YouTube and their channel pages should be optimized for keywords.  Video distributors like TubeMogul are able to deploy your videos to top-sharing sites as well.
  3. Link Videos:  Constructing internal and external links for your video SEO is important because videos are viewed by the same linking standards as other digit content.   Here are some examples of video linking:
    • Cross-link to other videos
    • Link video to blog articles/relevant web pages/social media
    • Tweet videos
  4. Engage Viewers: Simply put, if your video is boring nobody will watch it.  Be sure to create quality content so viewers are encouraged to share it amongst others.  Make it easy for them by sharing it on social media sites and YouTube, and embolden them to leave comments.
  5. Utilize Videos:  Gain more exposure with more optimized video- just like text content.  You can embed videos in blogs, substitute long videos for multiple shorter clips, and use transcriptions of videos to create blog posts or content for pages.