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2018 Digital Marketing Trends

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What is Black-Hat SEO

What is Black-Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is like getting a speeding ticket in the world of Marketing. It’s disapproved of, and if you get caught enough times, your website will be in some serious trouble, since most of the time it ends in a search engine ban. Yeah, that means you’’ go from a top ranker to totally black-listed…

by | Jan 3, 2018 | Digital Marketing

Now, we are in 2018, let’s highlight the biggest trends of the Digital Marketing World:

  1. The Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is part of our regular daily life and will grow in 2018 by 53% in the next couple of years.
  2. Live video usage and viewership will continue to soar. Live videos make you feel like you’re in the present moment even if you are not really present (events, shows…)
  3. Mobile video consumption will grow by 25% in 2018. As we know, everything is becoming digital and the use of the mobile phone is a must to be up to date with what is happening. When you combine live video with a mobile phone, you are in the right marketing strategic direction.
  4. Customer experience marketing will increase. Everyone knows that customers are the most important part of a business. They need to be treated like Kings. Having them review your business is becoming more and more critical for the brand/business reputation.
  5. Content Marketing will become even more important. Great content will make your product more valuable. Via blogs, social media posts, the content is used on every channel of marketing and not as expensive as you think.
  6. Voice searches will continue to grow. Yes, believe it or not, it is getting more popular. Analytic results estimate that 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020.
  7. The surge of advertising on TV (but not TV as we know it!). TV is changing as we are using our mobile phones. YouTube surpass traditional TV as the most watched format. Some channels like Netflix and Hulu have their own production and exclusive shows. Commercial investments are moving to digital ads.
  8. Strategic Social Media will become your best chance to reach new followers. The competition is tough, however being aware of the market will always been your best strategy. More than ever, on Social Media, hard work always pays off.

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