Social Media & Its Impact on Business

In today’s world, it is hard to find someone who does not participate in social media. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ or any of the countless other social networks out there, there is marketing potential for your business using these networks. Within these networks are thousands of users who constantly are revisiting everyday, even multiple times a day. Some users spend hours on these websites, so why not try to capture their attention and benefit your business.

The best way for a business to handle their social media is to have a clear plan of action. What are your main goals for the posts that your about to make on these platforms? Are you creating brand awareness? Are you using these posts to boost website traffic? Are you attempting to build a loyal customer following? These are just a few good examples of questions to ask yourself before you move any further with your content creation.

Taco Bell is a great example of social media use for businesses. Not only do they participate in multiple social networks ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are primary sources of content) but they interact with their fans in a unique way that has benefited them greatly from a market stand point. Here is a current look at where Taco Bell sits in the social media world.

These numbers tower over the competition of Taco Bell and for good reason. Taco Bell focuses on crafting/curating creative content for its followers to view and interact with. They also are great at re-purposing user-generated content for their own marketing purposes so that their followers feel included in the promotion of the brand.

Another way Taco Bell takes a unique approach to social media is they interact with other businesses via social media in order to capture the audience of both brands and thus boosting the presence of both brands online. Truth be told, this is how I found my way to Taco Bell’s social media profiles. They were having a casual conversation with a non-competing brand social media tips

To sum up, beginning a social media campaign can generate multiple new channels for potential business prospects to be found. Creative and interactive content is the key to creating a presence that will be noticed online.

Security hacks becoming a common problem in today’s world

Here we are in the year 2015, a time where new technology is being developed everyday. A time where everyone from your grandma to your 4 year old brother is using a technological device. A time where data collection, storage, and protection is becoming a major problem for many businesses as we grow into the information age. It seems that we can’t go a full year without hearing about the latest data breach that occurred. Take Sony Pictures Entertainment for example. They are one of the largest corporations to be hacked to date. They lost thousands of personal emails, pictures, copies of unreleased films (the now released movie The Interview).

Another example would be the United States Office of Personnel Management. Yes, that is correct, a U.S. Government branch was also hacked. This goes to show that there are many companies and beyond who are not properly securing their data as they should. Some companies could go months without knowing that they are hacked similar to how the Personnel Management office did. That is why we suggest using a network monitoring system that will notify you if there is any suspicious activity happening within your network.

iPoint offers the i-Network Monitor system that proactively monitors your system so your business can avoid the risk of expensive repairs and downtime. The following are covered:

Networks – A network is the backbone of your business- it handles all communications from workstations and desktops, servers, printers, and internet/email traffic. By eliminating inefficiencies more quickly, iPoint can spot problems early, show where upgrades may be neeeded, and deliver better overall performance for your network.

Servers – As the most vital part of your business, your network server should be monitored to watch for key issues that can cause the most critical disasters.  iPoint will notify you and fix them fast-before it costs you downtime and loss of business.

Workstations – Workstation monitoring checks for serious issues, antivirus health and updates. It runs on any Windows PC or laptop and is crucial for keeping your workstations clean and safe.

Project Spotlight: Wood Street Builders & Choice Moving Company

Today we are in a time period where people using the internet in millions of ways to gather information about businesses. Many people use it as their primary source for information, so it is important to maintain a good presence online in order to capture those potential customers. Mobile friendly re-design is a priority for many businesses today as i touched on previously. Over 50% of searches on Google today are from a mobile device. If your website does not pass Google’s mobile friendly test, your ranking on the results page will suffer. Lower ranks on the results pages means less traffic to your website and can result in a loss of potential customers.

Wood Street Builders

Wood Street Builders newly re-designed website

We recently completed a few projects that highlight the capabilities of WordPress in today’s web world by being responsive across all devices while maintaining a beautiful look. The first project to highlight was for Wood Street Builders. We created a mobile friendly re-design for A great benefit of this re-design is it implements and emphasizes the different keywords they are targeting with the SEO services we provide for them. We were able to highlight the information that is the most important for visitors to learn about the Wood Street Builders in a new, colorful, and interactive way.




Choice Moving Company

Choice Moving Company’s new website

Choice Moving Company is an experienced and professional moving service based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. Catering to both residential and commercial clients throughout Northern Colorado. They came to us wanting to create a new website for them so that they could have an online presence for their business. With this new, mobile-friendly website Choice Moving Company can now present their customers with the information that they will want to find out about their business.

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