Project Spotlight: To Your Health!

VegetablesTo Your Health llc is a site that promotes good, healthy nutrition in order to help treat chronic disease and maintain optimal health. Recently, they have undergone a website update.

The whole feel of the website has been updated to reflect a more modern and satisfying look. The green-white gradient has been replaced with a warmer background image that not only is more pleasing to look at, but better reflects their overall brand. In balance with this, the fonts and images have been updated as well. The top banner buttons have been lowered and redesigned to match the rest of the page.

The style and feel of the website was not the only aspect involved with this update. The overall function has been improved as well. The front page still delivers the same information, but in a less cluttered method. The page takes more advantage of blank space. By making the content extend more to the left and right, the front page is not as long, meaning that more information can be shown on a first glance. The social media feeds are also displayed on the right side now, meaning people can more easily follow their page and events.

Here are some screenshots so you can see the changes for yourself:

















Project Spotlight: Dora Grace Bridal

DoraGraceOne of our most recent projects has been a website update for Dora Grace Bridal. This new website features an all new, more modern look. One of the first, and possibly most noticeable, changes is the background, which has replaced the old boring grey image with a more flowing, light blue pattern that both makes the page feel more full and alive.

In terms of functionality, there are many new additions and features on this new page. The homepage features all of the useful links at the top of the page, replacing the older drop-down box style, all without making it feel crowded. Now, users can quickly look at their cart, shop by categories, browse events, and even be notified of special sales and deals all on the front page.

Here are some before and after pictures for you to compare for yourself:
























Thank you Dora Grace for your support!

USBs Are Going Wireless

wirless usb technologyIt seems that every facet of technology is going ‘wireless’ these days.  With the hassles of tangled wires, finding a power source and the sheer time of waiting for devices to charge, it seems like a step in the right direction.  The computer industry now wants an easier way to back up and sync data across wireless devices without any cords – so the Wireless USB was created.

USB drives have been wildly popular and ports are now being installed across most major brands of PCs, televisions, cameras, cars and phones.  The original versions govern how devices connect and transfer data, using a universal software.  These new Media Agnostic USBs (MA-USB) also include this software  but they also all run on top of a range of radio frequencies and wireless communication technologies.

“MA-USB is designed to allow the USB protocol to operate over a variety of different media types, whereas Wireless USB was designed to operate only over WiMedia UWB,” the standards group said. The technology is designed to connect various devices to one-another to communicate, sync and charge.  As long as a device supports wi-fi, the MA-USB will functionally operate as long as the operating system is updated.  So, theoretically, a phone which does not support the new technology today will be able to in the future with a simple software update.  There is absolutely no new hardware required.

So what does this mean for the computing industry?  It is the first step in developing devices that charge gadgets much more rapidly, which could even lead to the extinction of laptop and device cords altogether.  The technology arena is ever-evolving, but there is a definitive push towards becoming wireless altogether.  Keep an eye out for these new wireless MA-USB devices, as you will see them more widely adopted by businesses and consumers throughout the year.

iPoint News and Happenings

NewsHappy Wednesday everyone! This short blog will be a little different from the others. Instead of talking about recent news or tips, we will be briefly talking about some of the things we have been up to as well as hinting at some future plans. We’ve been doubling down to make this year the best year ever at iPoint!

It’s getting close to tax season again. Are you feeling the stress yet? Maybe you have been neglecting filing your taxes, or maybe you are a CPA and have been overloaded with customers. Either way, as we get closer to that April 15 deadline, we will be releasing more exciting offers (and maybe even some awesome prizes), so stay tuned!
Social media is a large focus here at iPoint. We love being able to communicate with our customers. In an effort to expand our efforts, we will start producing short videos. The first video will be live today on our Facebook page and YouTube page. It features a brief look at one of our network techs: Kevin Gallagher. We plan to make many more videos and even creating video blogs as well.

Keep an eye on our Facebook (like us if you haven’t already) as this is where we will be posting news about most of our events. As a further incentive, we will soon start a series of fun contests on our Facebook page. The first one will start at the beginning of April. The winners of these contests will receive awesome prizes! The only way to make sure you don’t miss any of these opportunities is to like our Facebook page.

Client Spotlight: The Pig And The Fig

SEO for the pig and the fig

iPoint has worked with The Pig and The Fig since early 2012, when Michelle came to us wanting to host her website.  The Pig and The Fig is a collection of hearty and healthy recipes by Michelle DeHaven, a Boulder resident who maintains the website as a side project.  Over the years, however, the website has gained popularity and she recently setup SEO services with us to ensure her site is properly optimized for potential spikes in traffic.  Michelle also contributes to Vanity Fair’s Agenda and has been featured in various cooking publications across the web.

iPoint began performing search engine optimization services for the Pig and The Fig in the first part of December, 2013.  Since that time, the analytics data has shown very favorable results in terms of traffic and page views.  Here are a few of those statistics:

  • Nearly 10,000 website visits in the first 3 months – 8,300 of which are unique
  • 16,700 page views
  • 84% of website traffic is coming from organic searches
  • 24,200 search impressions in the past month
  • 10% of website entrances were from outside of the United States


The Pig and The Fig’s collection of recipes allows for our SEOs to optimize each recipe with its own unique semantic markup.  This allows for a snippet image, brief description and user-rating to be displayed in Google search results when a specific recipe is searched for.  This can greatly increase click-through ratings and adds a very customized, visual aspect to the URL link.

Be sure to check out Michelle’s delicious and healthy recipes at her website, and contact our SEO department for tips on how to boost your site to the top of search engine rankings- just as we did for the Pig and the Fig.