Attract More Website Traffic With “Brain-Friendly” Design

Brain Friendly Website Design and SEO from iPointBusiness owners are always looking to attract more visitors to their websites.Buy Clomid  You’ve heard about PPC campaigns, SEO and social media marketing tactics to improve web traffic- but researchers at the University of Missouri believe there is a simpler solution.  They propose that the most effective way to get users to visit and remain on a website is to give them proper motivation. Dostinex online The brain is engaged through motivation, and invoking emotions with stories or images may be an alternative route to boosting online traffic to your site.

The study also showed that simpler website designs attracted an audience for longer periods of time.  The brain can only process so much information at one time.  It can defeat the brain’s ability to store information and remain engaged if the user has to work hard to find what they are looking for, or if they are overloaded with irrelevant material. cheap Tadalafil Paul Bolls, associate professor of strategic communication at Mizzou says it best- “Keeping it simple is key”.

Of course, there are those individuals who thrive on searching for stories on the web and continually engage websites by postings and the usage of social media.  Perhaps these individuals desire a more complex website theme.  In order to effectively communicate to a broader audience, you must optimize your website for both of these personality types.  Your website should be simple and easy to navigate, but also contain relevant and useful information which will intrigue and engage the user.  Playing to both of these personalities is a desirable goal, but above all else the website needs to be easy to use and entertaining.  If you would like assistance in developing creative web design strategies, contact iPoint’s web services department and get your audience properly engaged.

The Power of Blogging

Blogging iPointBlogging has been around since the late 1990s and has grown extremely popular in today’s business age. cheap Clomid In the past, blogging was simply an outlet for people to express their thoughts, opinions, feelings or experiences with the public.  Today, more businesses than ever are utilizing this technique to expand their online presence.  In fact, if you aren’t currently blogging your business is missing a huge opportunity to expand its visibility and reach.

Blogging also has a direct effect on your website’s search rankings. order Amoxil In the past, Google put emphasis on keywords when determining the order in which it would rank websites. purchase Valtrex As their algorithms evolved, their formula now takes into account how frequently a website is updated as well as the originality and quality of the content you post.  So, maintaining an up-to-date and useful blog can help boost your site to the top of search engine rankings.

About a month ago iPoint published a blog regarding Parallax website design.  Within a week of the posting, we ranked on the first page of Google when searching “parallax website design”.  Shortly after, we had an online service request reach us from a business owner in Brazil who wanted a parallax site of his own.  This portrays the power and importance of blogging on your website.  It’s simple enough to take 10-20 minutes out of your day to record your thoughts or provide some unique information to your site-goers.  If you lack the time needed, it is equally as easy to hire a copywriter to do the blogging for you (and generally at a reasonable rate).  So, get typing and start expanding your business’ online presence today!

QR Codes- What Are They?

QR Code

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QR or Quick Response codes are a type of matrix barcodes (two-dimensional) that were originally developed for the auto industry in Japan.  Toyota originally designed this coding system to track vehicles during the manufacturing process.  More recently, however, the system has become the most popular type of barcode scanning.  This is largely due to the fast readability and large capacity storage of the QR code, opposed to standard UPC barcodes.

A quick response code consists of black modules or dots that are arranged in a square pattern on top of a white background.  Information can be encoded in four standardized varieties: numeric, alphanumeric, byte, and Kanji.  However, through supported extensions, virtually any kind of data can be transferred.Orlistat

Main Advantage– Versatility:  QR codes can provide a great deal of information for a fraction of traditional marketing prices.  The consumer saves time and energy by simply scanning the code rather than searching for information.  Alternatively, the company saves money by cutting advertising budgets and bridging multiple marketing gaps such as eCommerce and mobile commerce with a single code.

Main Disadvantage– Unfamiliarity:  Although QR codes are popping up everywhere, a great portion of the population still does not understand what they represent.  This is generally typical for older generations, although they are not the only ones.  Without proper understanding, these codes look like a foreign language.  Another disadvantage to these codes is the requirement of smart phones.  Again, that portion of the population which does not have this technology will render any QR code useless, and may result in potential profit loss to the organization.Clomifene


SEO Trends for 2013- 5 Considerations

SEO Trends

If you are familiar with the world of search engine optimization, then you realize how often Google alters its search engine algorithms.  The most recent changes occurred during the Panda and Penguin updates in 2012.  Some websites dropped down many pages in a matter of days due to these changes, so staying current on SEO trends is extremely important to the well-ranking of your website.  Below are 5 of the most recognized 2013 SEO changes and trends:

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1) Conversion Rate Optimization- Traffic to your website is important, but the ultimate goal is to convert visits into sales (especially for eCommerce websites).   Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of increasing the ratio of conversions to traffic on a site.  This new trend has web marketers using analytics and structuring websites differently in order to guide the user through the purchasing funnel effortlessly.  Interestingly, 8 out of 10 visitors on a website will not complete a purchase order- so facilitated site functionality and navigation correlates with higher sales.

2) Google + – As expected, Google’s own social project will now play a role in SEO rankings.  As this platform gains popularity, it has slowly been implemented into search engine optimization.  However, aside from Facebook and Twitter, Google’s own tool will be indexed with better search engines and most likely hold a greater importance to the search spiders.  For these reasons, it is crucial that your business develops a quality Google + profile page.

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3) Guest BloggingThis is simply described as writing a post for a blog that you don’t manage.  In the past, it was a non-promotional method that offered a different perspective to viewers on any given topic.  Today, this is one of the safest forms of white-hat link building in SEO.  Expect paid or sponsored guest blogging to become more popular as the year continues.

4) Google Author Rank– Although this concept has offered significant relevance in search queries, Google warns that users should be prepared for it in the future.  Author Rank is a new algorithm Google will initiate that determines the total website relevance based on the quality of that page.  So, when hiring a copywriter or creating your own content, be sure the copy is quality in order to pursue the highest optimization standards for your site.

5) Local Listings & Analytics- If you operate your own business, then you realize the value of local listings.  These are the best way to drive local consumers to your website organically through search queries.  With more directories today than ever-before, be certain that your business is listed in the most popular databases in order to establish a local foothold.  As always, be sure to run analytics reports on your website as well.  Many people are utilizing Google Analytics to track their customers’ interests and online behaviors.  In order to develop a useful marketing and SEO campaign, track and explore your web analytics reports so that you can improve on your future strategies.

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For a detailed example of a Google Analytics report, see our template example.