Rep Roll Call

 “Information Point technologies is a simply at a higher level than 99.9% of other web development companies out there.  I contacted them after I tried to have another web development company complete a project for me.  This previous company just couldn’t get the job done correctly over the course of two and a half years and it ended up costing me thousands extra When I contacted I Point in order to get it finished I was really blown away by the level of talent and dedication to my project.  The professionals at I Point are just at a different level than any other company around.  The team at I Point walked me through a project scope, an estimate and a timeline with a rollout date that happened without the need for hardly any involvement on my end.  It took iPoint less than 3 months to complete the project.  I Point is simply an impressive company that delivers outstanding results.”

-Kris Ericksen, Owner

Work Performed:

  • Web Application Development
  • Website Hosting


Website Screenshots:

Appointment Calendar

Appointment Calendar

Document Center

Document Center


Steve Ray Law

Steve Ray Law“Just wanted to let you know that I’m getting a lot of compliments (unsolicited) for my new website, and a lot of calls. Job well done!”

I knew you’d want to know.


-Steve, Owner

Work Performed:

  • Website Re-Design
  • WordPress Integration
  • Website/Email Hosting
  • SEO


Website Screenshot:


Steve Ray Law Homepage