Collins Door & Hardware

Collins Door & Hardware

 “We have been working with iPoint for over 10 years and are extremely grateful for their supportThey manage our two servers and nine computers with great precision and have sped up our network to be more efficient than ever.  Bill has always been available to us when issues arise, and he organizes our systems so that we can focus on our business.  We exceedingly recommend iPoint and their services to anyone searching for professional and dedicated technology support.”

-Della Ravensborg, Office Manager

Goldstein Enterprises, Inc.

Goldstein Enterprises

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 “I wanted to drop you a note of appreciation for the services your company has been providing to us for the last two and one-half years.

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Our prior IT person was sporadic and did not always have appropriate solutions for our growing business.  Mark Herndon, from your company, is extremely knowledgeable and efficient.

iPoint has been available at all hours and has not only provided all maintenance but has also analyzed our needs, made recommendations, ordered and installed new equipment and has become a trusted and valuable addition to our team.

We look forward to a long and valuable relationship.”


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Larry Clark, Manager

Feedback Sports

Feedback Sports Testimonial

“Feedback Sports provides high-performance bicycle stands and accessories with operations and customers around the world. It is crucial that our employees can connect in remotely while they are at the factory or in the field visiting customers. Along with developing our ecommerce website, iPoint upgraded our server to a new, cloud-based system that allows us to remote in from anywhere our travels take us. The flexibility and access to information remotely provided by this technology is extremely valuable. We have been doing business with iPoint for over two years and look forward to maintaining this beneficial relationship in the future.”

-Doug Hudson, Owner

Work Performed:

  • Website Re-Design
  • Shopping Cart Setup
  • Shopping Cart to QuickBooks Integration
  • Website Hosting
  • SEO
  • Networking Services


Website Screenshots:

Feedback Homepage

Feedback Homepage

Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart



Brookside Gardens

Brookside Gardens Testimonial

“iPoint designed our website in 2008 and has supported it ever since. They created a unique website with our event facility and salon/spa combined into one. Along with hosting our site, iPoint has performed search engine optimization for us which helps Brookside Gardens rise to the top of Google searches and provides higher client exposure for our business. From the initial website concept, to the final product, the team at iPoint performed beyond our expectations.”

 -Aaron Lasko, GM/Partner

Work Performed: 

  • Website Creation/Updates
  • Website Hosting
  • SEO


Website Screenshots:



Spa & Salon

Spa & Salon

Event Center

Event Center




Manes Machine & Engineering

Manes Testimonial“Our aerospace manufacturing facility needs a network that is reliable and low maintenance.  We have 3 servers with 50+ workstations and Information Point Technologies has been fulfilling that need for over 10 yearsTheir expertise and product knowledge have helped with numerous hardware and software upgrades.  They are always there when we need them.  I have, and would continue to, refer them to anyone in need of an outside IT professional.”

-Kyle Isker
IT specialist
Manes Machine & Engineering

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5 Best Facebook Store Apps

Facebook AppsToday it seems like most people have begun to utilize social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and GooglePlus to optimize and promote their businesses online.  As the competition discovers this valuable SEO tool, it will become necessary to differentiate your profile from the next in order to attract more visitors to your site.  A great way to do this is with Facebook applications.  Obviously, the types of apps you select should reflect your business, but there are many ways to promote your company’s page by offering simple applications.  The following are some of the most popular choices:

1)      Facebook Promos.  If you’re serious about Facebook promoting your marketing strategy, you need to incorporate this one.  It includes giveaways and competitions, which are effective ways of driving users to your Facebook page and encourages them to return frequently.

2)      Facebook Poll.  Aside from the interactive aspects of this application, it also provides insight into the areas of your company which interest you the most.  The freedom to write any question you choose is a terrific tool for making future decisions based on honest user feedback.

3)      Slideshare.  Normally this app is used for presentations and exhibitions, but anyone with a creative side can incorporate YouTube videos onto their page and use it to their marketing advantage.

4)      Sort Price.  Anyone running an ecommerce site should consider using this application.  Sort Price allows users to save products and share them with friends, thereby boosting your brand image to a larger audience and (hopefully) affecting sales in the long-run.

5)      Payvment.  This is probably the most valuable app to anyone with a shopping cart on their site.  It was ranked as the #1 F-commerce solution as it allows users to purchase products from your website without leaving your Facebook page.  Aside from the obvious benefits, Payvment also allows you to upload images, delivery/shipping information, and it is TRUSTe certified, ensuring peace of mind for your clients.

Marketing Your Business With Flickr

Flickr Business MarketingAnother social media site is beginning to make pretty big waves when it comes to your business.  Flickr allows users to upload photos and videos of themselves onto their profile.  From a business standpoint, owners can use these postings as a way to promote their brands.  Although most people overlook Flick, when utilized property it can do great things to promote your brand campaigns.  This is because when people conduct searches online they will be directed to your Flickr, blog or website page if it falls under your line of work.  With this knowledge in hand, there are a few things you can do with Flickr to promote your business.

Create Interesting Thumbnails

Thumbnails are the first thing people see when they search, so they should demonstrate what the website is promoting.  Place the photo with the most accurate description at the top of the list so the thumbnail relates to the others following.

Upload photos of products/services

People won’t click on your photos to access your site if they’re uninteresting.  Whatever images you post should be a welcoming representation of your company and make the user want to visit your website for more information.  You can get creative and post pictures from your business or of your employees, just be sure to get their permission first.

Have a complete business profile

There is a space to share business information on Flickr. Be sure to keep it updated with your company’s information, but short enough that people still desire to learn more.  Logos and short descriptive paragraphs should be enough to keep the average user interested.

Have an easy screen name

Your screen name should be easy to remember for the user.  One as simple as your business name can be enough, because most users search for particular companies and sites.  Plus, people will associate your Flickr pictures with your company name if it is in the screen name.  You can also try including a click URL in your screen name to generate more visitors.

Join Groups

Social media is, after all, a social activity- so do your part in the Flickr community to get recognized.  Joining groups, commenting on photos and remaining active are great ways to get others to become a part of your promotional campaign.

Steering Clear of Google’s Panda & Penguin Updates

Google PenguinIt’s evident that Google rolls out new algorithm updates frequently, and it seems the public makes a big deal every time proclaiming that it’s the “end of SEO as we know it”.  However, no matter the number of articles written or updates Google makes, SEO will continue to survive and prosper.

Search engine optimization has not vanished, but Google’s Panda and Penguin updates have clearly altered the optimal SEO practices.  It is difficult to know where Google will go next, but there are a few items we can learn from their most recent updates.

1)      Overly-Optimized Sites will continue to be Targeted.  Google has already taken great steps to stop sites that intentionally manipulate natural search engine result pages (SERPs).  There is no doubt that future algorithm changes will be designed to punish websites that have been overly optimized.


Unfortunately, there is no way to know what metrics Google is tracking when identifying over-optimization.  It is also impossible to draw a line between effective SEO practices and overly-optimizing your site.  For the time being, the best practices involve focusing on quality content for your website- not over engaging in intricate SEO techniques designed to boost your PageRank quickly.


2)      Visitor Engagement is Important.  Google awards better rankings for sites in which visitor engagement is apparent.  As before, there is no clear way of analyzing what specific metrics Google will use to do this.  A few things webmasters should focus on gaining are:

  • Presence of customer reviews
  • Article/blog comments
  • Social networking follow-up


3)      Content Quality Significance will Increase.  Today, too many webmasters rely on keyword-optimized or copied-and-pasted content to fill their website pages.  If your site was unaffected by the most recent updates, don’t assume it will remain that way.  Build up quality content now in order to preserve your PageRank and protect your site from future changes down the road.

5 Steps for Optimizing Videos

Video OptimizationThese days, it is crucial to optimize your digital assets in order to improve the search engine rankings for your website.  Advancements in search engine technology have caused video, images and news to all be incorporated into standard search results, resulting in opportunities for markets to achieve increased visibility by implementing basic video SEO principles.

Below are 5 basic tips for video SEO:

  1. Optimize Keywords:  Similar to all other SEO video involves using relevant keywords (in the file name, title, tags, etc.) for both user and search engine spider use.  You should also include a short paragraph that describes the video to reap maximum rankings.
  2. Share Videos:  These kinds of websites are great for gaining exposure for your video as well as additional links.  Don’t forget- videos hosted on YouTube and their channel pages should be optimized for keywords.  Video distributors like TubeMogul are able to deploy your videos to top-sharing sites as well.
  3. Link Videos:  Constructing internal and external links for your video SEO is important because videos are viewed by the same linking standards as other digit content.   Here are some examples of video linking:
    • Cross-link to other videos
    • Link video to blog articles/relevant web pages/social media
    • Tweet videos
  4. Engage Viewers: Simply put, if your video is boring nobody will watch it.  Be sure to create quality content so viewers are encouraged to share it amongst others.  Make it easy for them by sharing it on social media sites and YouTube, and embolden them to leave comments.
  5. Utilize Videos:  Gain more exposure with more optimized video- just like text content.  You can embed videos in blogs, substitute long videos for multiple shorter clips, and use transcriptions of videos to create blog posts or content for pages.