Feed Your Products to Google

Google Product FeedThe Google Product Feed, commonly known as Google shopping, is a price comparison service.  Users are able to search for retail products based on a variety of demographics including price, brand, size and many more.  Once you have searched for a product, Google will deliver results which include photos and links to the vendors’ ecommerce sites, further facilitating the “search to purchase” process.  This is a great benefit to consumers looking for specific products quickly because they are able to visually analyze their options with regards to their budget and other specifications with a few clicks of the mouse.  Online shopping is all too common today, but Google shopping makes it even easier by finding products for the consumer and listing literally thousands of options which can be tweaked to the taste of the user.

Google’s product feed is reliable for a number of reasons:

  • Google does not charge fees for listings
  • Google makes no commission on sales
  • They don’t accept funds to push products to the top of search feeds.

Therefore, the competition is fair and not based on which company has the bigger wallet.  As the current king of internet search engines, it is a great advantage to have your products listed in Google’s product search engine.  If you already have a shopping cart, you should be doing a product feed with Google.  Contact iPoint to get one set up today.

Pinterest Gaining Ground on Facebook, Twitter

Pinterest Vs. Facebook & TwitterSocial media seems to be ever-growing in today’s age, and new outlets such as Pinterest are developing at a rapid rate.  With 2.7 million users and counting, Pinterest is the third largest social media network behind Facebook and Twitter.  But what exactly makes it unique?  Pinterest is a social bookmarking tool used to “pin” images into categorized groups or “boards”.  It is similar to an interactive, virtual scrapbook.  Similar to Facebook and Twitter, users are able to follow one another, share pins, make comments and tag individuals.  Updates are in real-time and it is simple to share your pins on other social media outlets once they are linked.  We should also recognize that 97% of Pinterest users are female.  But why?

Simply put, Pinterest is successful because women trust recommendations from other women.  It’s also evident that members use Pinterest for inspiration.  Everywhere you look people are posting pictures of recipes, step-by-step hairdos, and the latest fashion trends.  You can bet that over the next year the Pinterest “boards” will include more brand images in an attempt to market products to members- and it’s easy to see why:

  • It’s Simple– Browsing is easy and fun, not to mention the site is very aesthetically pleasing.  There is an abundance of pictures with very little text which makes browsing less of a hassle compared to other sites that are word-heavy, such as Facebook
  • Consumer Interests are Public– Businesses can easily get into a “board” that relates to their services and see what consumers are posting.  For example, Maybelline may look at the “make-up” board to analyze the latest trends and market accordingly.
  • It’s Relaxing– There are no constantly updating fields, virtually no negative posts- only pictures of people and their hobbies.  The site is less about opinions and negativity and more about inspiring and discovering new interests- Pinterests.


Pinterest is just a toddler and I have no doubt it will continue to grow.  Although the majority of users are female, it is hard to say if the male audience will increase in the coming years because of how the site is geared toward women.  Either way, Pinterest is yet another success story in the history of social media-and certainly won’t be the last.

If you have any questions regarding Pinterest or if you are in need of Social Media strategy give iPoint a call today.

Special Thanks to Our Clients Who Helped us Reach 10 Years

10 Year AnniversaryiPoint recently turned 10 this year, and we couldn’t have done it without all of our loyal clients.  Although this sounds cliché, their support was evident when we had our 10th anniversary party at the Avery House a few weeks back.

The party was a great time.  A number of iPoint clients were able to donate gifts for our “Random Client Bingo” game which made for an exciting networking activity.  One lucky individual even walked away with a $450 gift certificate to a local auto shop.  It was rewarding to interact with the clients face-to-face, as well as exchange a variety of hilarious tales which have accumulated over the 10 years of business in Northern Colorado.

The entire staff at iPoint greatly appreciated the turn-out for this event.  We were happy to give back to the individuals who supported us in celebration of our decade of operation.  While this is a big milestone, we certainly hope to maintain the relationships we have established and create new ones in the next 10 years in Fort Collins.  We’ll see you again at the Avery House in Summer 2022!

WordPress and the Advantages for Your Small Business

Small Business WordPressOf all the blogging tools currently available, WordPress is by far the most well-known.  The popularity of this powerful Content Management System (CMS) stems from the fact that users are able to do far more than simply blogging.  WordPress enables you to build blogs, websites or both.

Web Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content management systems are tools which help to manage the creation and editing of pages on your website.  Since the 1990’s, countless CMS companies have sprouted up- you may have heard of Interwoven, Joomla!,Drupal and TextPattern just to name a few.  The CMS market has exploded as virtually every successful business desires some form of content management for their website, from Fortune 100 companies down to small businesses.  And back in the 1990’s these systems sold for thousands of dollars.

Using WordPress as a Website

Today, we have WordPress.  This amazingly powerful (and free) content management system provides ample advantages for small or medium-sized businesses looking for simple ways to manage their website.

Although WordPress was designed as a blogging platform, it isn’t limited to just that.  A few minor adjustments enable the system to run your website- even if you don’t have a blog.  Further, the fact that WordPress was created for blogs gives it some compelling benefits for your site.  It is geared for easy publishing and changing website content; this is especially important for receiving good search engine rankings which require fresh content.  It is a system that doesn’t impede you from adding new articles or other content to your site.

*Listed below are five reasons WordPress can enhance your small business website:

1) SEO– Ever crucial in today’s business world, WordPress provides solid search engine optimization (SEO) right from the beginning.  With only a few tweaks, you are able to reap the many free SEO benefits that WordPress provides.  According to Matt Cutts of Google, WordPress is “made to do SEO well”.

2) Content– A wide range of business owners dislike the idea of having to learn complex HTML code in order to make changes to their website.  In addition, having to “ask” your webmaster every time you make a small edit to your site can be a lengthy and annoying process.  However, once WordPress is set up, you can effortlessly create new pages and edit exiting ones using a simple text editor.

3) Extensions- Hiring web developers to create cool features on your website can be costly, but not with WordPress.  In fact, you can do all of it yourself.  The possibilities are vast- free design themes, website polls, contact forms and other features are all possible and facilitated with the use of the WordPress system.

4) Support- The popularity of WordPress has caused a wave of individuals to become masters at the art of custom web development.  If you do have problems, it is very easy to find support and developers who can help you.  Although using WordPress is pretty simple, more advanced actions may require additional help which is widely available to you.

5) One-Click Installation- Many hosting providers can provide quick WordPress installations.  Some popular choices are Bluehost1and1and GoDaddy.