10 Tips For Bloggers

  1. Choose topics that are befitting to the services you provide and ones that you are passionate about. In doing so you will keep your audience riveted and coming back for more.
  2. Try choosing a topic that is not extremely common. If your topic is too common, try writing from a different point of view or focus on very specific topics. For example, there are plenty of sites that talk about new cell phones however, few may specialize in one brand of phone and even fewer will focus on a specific model. The key to success is to finding a specific topic with a broad audience.
  3. Using pictures will give your blog a more professional appearance. You can find high quality images at a reasonable price at istockphoto.com or for free on Flickr which may require the permission of the up-loader.
  4. Remember to link to sources you used when writing a new blog article. This is a great way to promote your blog and receive reciprocal links. When the people or websites you linked to see that you have done so, they may be very likely to link back to your blog from their site.
  5. Always proofread your blog articles before you post them, checking for spelling and grammatical errors. This will help to make your blog look professional and will increase your chances of websites linking back to you.
  6. Categorize your posts to keep your blog organized so readers can easily find other useful information.
  7. Actively participate in discussion forums related to the topics you are writing about. Find what people are asking questions about the most and then direct the readers to your blog with the answers to their questions.
  8. Allow your audience to share your blog articles with other people using delicious, furl, or other social bookmarking services. Download AddThis to have a smart button on your blog posts that makes it easier for users to bookmark your posts. This will help to bring more relevant traffic to your blog.
  9. Allow your viewers to subscribe to your feed so they are automatically notified every time you update your blog.
  10. Write blog articles frequently and make sure you are always writing about new topics. this is the best way to keep your followers intrigued and coming back for more. We recommend at least two or three times. The search engines love seeing new information on topics so writing on a regular basis is very beneficial.

i-RemoteBackup Saves Data From Fire

A recent Fort Collins fire involved one of our clients and luckily everyone was safe but the building was destroyed.

We have been providing their network services along with i-Remote Backup (offsite data backup) for several months and luckily we have been able to ensure their data has been stored safely from the last backup.

We want to make sure our clients are aware of this service as it is extremely important to keep an offsite backup of your data in case of unfortunate and unexpected events.

We also want to make sure our network clients servers are protected. Our network department  offers complete network packages consisting of maintenance/service time, offsite data backup (i-RemoteBackup), and server and desktop monitoring (i-NetworkMonitor) combined for a monthly discounted price. For more information, please refer to our website: ipoint-tech.com

For more information regarding the recent fire: www.coloradoan.com

Special Offer for i-RemoteBackup services – $50 setup of the i-RemoteBackup service on one server/PC if you sign up before November 30, 2011. (normally 199.00).

If you would like to sign up email Bill at wbleich@ipoint-tech.com and he will send you the information necessary to get started.

Information Point Technologies Switches to WordPress

For years Information Point Technologies has used a custom developed website. We recently decided to convert everything into WordPress and create custom mods for the effects we wanted. Although most of the code on the website is custom developed, the core is WordPress, thus allowing us to install plugins beneficial to the growth of our website and services.

The following is a sampling of the new features on the website geared toward our current and prospective clients:

  • Ability to increase and decrease font sizes on all information in the content area.
  • Ability to easily request a services quote on nearly every page.
  • Enhanced drop downs using CSS and JavaScript.
  • Additional page links in the header to make navigation easier.
  • A search engine in the menu bar to quickly find items of interest.
  • A more powerful blog allowing us to syndicate to Facebook and Twitter efficiently.
  • A homepage with easy to find links for services and information.
  • A vibrant footer consisting of our latest tweet, language translations powered by Google, and newsletter signup.
  • A convenient way for clients to access project management using their email and password.

If you would like iPoint to convert your website into an easy to use Content Management System, such as WordPress, give us a call. It is an easy transformation and we can keep the look you already have or give your site a makeover.

Google Store Widget using Google Docs Spreadsheet

Google has recently released a widget that you can add to any html page to list products and sell them. The key benefit of this is the easy integration of selling merchandise from your website as well as the easy management of products and inventory from a Google Docs Spreadsheet.

The way that it works is that whenever the spreadsheet in Google Docs is updated it automatically updates the website with price changes, new products, shipping cost and many other features instantly.

f you are looking to find a way to sell a couple products online, the Google Store Widget is a good solution that is very affordable.

Another key benefit is that Google Checkout handles all of the payment processing so that you don’t have to worry about SSL or a Merchant account.

Check out Ipoint’s demo store.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Flash Web Design

Flash movies can be a great thing. They can help catch eyes that are otherwise bored with static looking pages, and they can help tell a story better than plain text. However the use of flash must be tempered with the ability to rank in search engines.

This article describes some of the considerations and recommendations when using flash on a website.

Points to be considered when planning a Flash-based website:
  1. Purpose of the website: If the primary purpose of the website is to offer artistic or visual effects to the visitors (such as a business that is primarily a Design/Arts company, with visitors coming to the web site on some reference other than search engines) then Flash is recommended.
  2. If you are developing a web site for getting more potential customers using Search Engine Optimization techniques, then it is recommended to limit Flash only to certain portions of the web site or not to use Flash at all.
  3. Flash is not considered to be “search engine friendly”.  Therefore, a Flash-based web site may not rank well  in the search engine results.
  4. Usually visitors are not interested in reading something passively.  Keep in mind that most visitors spend less than 30 seconds on a website.  You need to offer the visitor what they are looking for in the shortest possible time.
  5. A Flash movie becomes obsolete after a few months time.  It is necessary to update a Flash web site frequently.

Information Point Technologies expands and welcomes new employees

Information Point Technologies of Fort Collins, would like to welcome Adam Luz as Web Department Manager/Project Manager. As Web Department manager Adam will oversee the day to day operations of our Web Design and development team, as well as our Search engine and web marketing divisions.

Adam comes to iPoint with several years of web development, marketing and customer service experience, he ia also an expert in PHP programming, which will allow iPoint greater flexibility when designing custom websites.

We would also like to welcome Steve Hollingshead to Information Point Technologies. Steve will be working in the web department, handling search engine marketing and social media campaigns for our clients websites.

Coloradoan March 25, 2011 –

Local Fort Collins IT firm expands and acquires Media Tech Productions, LLC.



Peter Fardal- Director of Sales and Marketing
Information Point Technologies, Inc.

135 W. Swallow Rd. Bldg A
Fort Collins, CO 80525
Phone: 970-266-0703

Local Fort Collins IT firm expands and acquires Media Tech Productions, LLC.

Fort Collins, CO — November 15, 2010 — Information Point Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce it has completed the acquisition of Media Tech Productions, LLC web design department and ISP/hosting services.  iPoint has also launched its new Customer  Relationship Manager (CRM) solution – i-OfficeManager.

Information Point Technologies is a full-service computer consulting firm, providing Computer Network, Web Design, Web Marketing, Social Media Management and Database Services to businesses throughout northern Colorado and beyond.

iPoint is proud to announce it has completed the purchase and acquisition of Media Tech Productions web services department and hosting clients. “After several weeks of transferring clients to our servers, we are proud to announce we have transitioned all of the clients and hope to continue our business relationship well into the future.” says Pete Fardal, Director of Sales and Marketing at iPoint. Pete also mentions that during the transition iPoint upgraded its own service offerings to include a more robust and secure email and hosting system, providing higher quality services without raising prices. Pete added “iPoint will transition all its current clients to the new system in the coming months.”

iPoint’s newest product has recently launched- i-OfficeManager is a web-based customer relationship management (CRM) application that allows a business the ability to collaborate and share contact information, sales leads, client history and notes. iPoint can also customize this application with modules specific to a businesses needs. Because i-OfficeManager is a web-based application, it means there is no software to install, manage, or update.

Information Point Technologies Celebrates Five Years

Full-service IT firm credits broad range of services, great customers for its success

Fort Collins, Colo. — Information Point Technologies, a Fort Collins-based full-service computer consulting firm, is celebrating five years in business. The company was founded in mid-February 2002, and provides web development and computer networking services, database design and development, new media design and production, and more.

“Our focus continues to be simplifying technology for our clients and helping them understand how everything fits together,” notes Pete Fardal, the company’s director of marketing. “We built the company to offer comprehensive services when it comes to technology solutions for businesses, and our customers have told us they appreciate our broad range of services when it comes to networking, websites, databases and beyond.”

“Working with Information Point Technologies has been excellent,” says Marti Bradley of Pioneer Press of Greeley. “They are our IT department, providing network support, website design and support and email hosting. They are go-to guys, and act as an extension of our company. We could not function without them.”

“Information Point provides us with amazing service, in good times and bad,” reports Dennis Dinsmore of Wilbur’s Total Beverage. “They are fun to work with, their response time is amazingly short, and they are incredibly knowledgeable, and forthright – if they don’t know the answer, they’ll find out.”

“We have been using Information Point Technologies since they started the business five years ago,” notes Cindy O’Neill of KEM Homes. “They help us with our network, Internet access and our website. If we have a problem, they respond immediately, and we appreciate that they are reasonably priced and honest.”

Information Point Technologies was founded by William Bleich, a network systems consultant, Peter Fardal, director of marketing, and Matt Krieger, web systems consultant, and Brian Vos, database programmer.

The company is running some special promotions for existing customers to celebrate and thank them, and recently held a drawing for current clients and their employees to win one of five flat-screen monitors.

I-Point Tech serves clients in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, developers, builders, constructors, engineers and architects, CPAs and attorneys, high-tech and scientific firms, non-profits, and more.

About Information Point Technologies Information Point Technologies is a full-service, full-service computer consulting firm based in Fort Collins, Colorado. The company specializes in website design, development and production, website marketing, hosting, networking, database development and new media design and production. I-Point Tech does it all – Simplifying Technology for Your Business. Free consultations are available. For more information, call 970.266.0703, email pfardal@ipoint-tech.com or visit www.ipoint-tech.com.

Four form 1-stop computer shop for businesses

Partners focus on everything companies need — from Web design to software support


V. Richard Haro/The Coloradoan

PARTNERS: The four partners of Information Point Technologies LLC in Fort Collins are, from left, Bill Bleich, Matt Krieger, Brian Vos and Pete Fardal.

The four partners of Information Point Technologies — Bill Bleich, 33, Pete Fardal, 31, Matt Krieger, 28, and Brian Vos, 24 — help businesses with virtually all their personal computer needs.

Information Point Technologies’ services include network installation, upgrades and maintenance; software support; Web design, hosting and marketing; multimedia presentation design; database development and support; and new media development and integration. New media combines movies, animation, graphics and sound into one presentation using a computer.

“We try to bill ourselves as one source for business computing needs,” Fardal said. “Businesses don’t want … a bunch of different vendors. They want one business that will solve all their computer needs.”

Each person has their own niche within the company. Bleich specializes in networking, Fardal in marketing and sales, Krieger in Web design and new media and Vos in database programming and Web site programming.

Bleich, who grew up Florida, holds a bachelor’s in design architecture from the University of Florida. Fardal, who was raised in Hawaii, has a degree in commercial recreation and tourism from Colorado State University. Krieger, who grew up in Littleton, holds a bachelor’s in fine arts from CSU. Vos, who was raised in Lakewood, has a degree in computer information systems from CSU.

Information Point Technologies, 135 W. Swallow Road, helped ABD Renovative Ideas administer its network.

ABD, 4803 Innovation Drive, is a design-build company that specializes in architectural and interior design as well as custom renovation work.

Information Point Technologies also developed and hosted ABD’s Web site and helped market the site to search engines.

The Web site has won a Housingzone.com award for educational content and recently was named one of 14 finalists for the Best in American Living Awards’ Web site of the Year, said ABD president Bob Peterson.

“They’re very skilled at what they do,” Peterson said. “They’re responsive. … Just in general, they’re good people. I’ve recommended them to many people, and will probably continue to do so.”

Information Point Technologies helped Colorado Custom — which makes custom sterling wheels out of aluminum billet — set up its computer network. It also set up Colorado Custom’s Web site and maintains the site.

“They keep us up-to-date on everything,” said controller Ron Wassenaar. “They know all the current changes as far as Web sites, how to attract hits on our Web site. They’re a bunch of great guys. I’m really satisfied with their work.”

Planet Radio 99.9 has a Web site that enables listeners to enter contests online instead of calling thanks to Information Point Technologies, said general sales manager Robert Leja.

“It’s just another way that people can contact the station,” he said. “People can e-mail requests to DJs. It builds us a database of listeners so that we know who’s listening, how old they are and where they live. Basic information like that helps us know how we’re doing.

Information Point Technologies was responsive to what Planet Radio needed, Leja said.

“Their age helped us because they were plugged into the kind of audience we were trying to reach,” he said. “They’re basically in our target audience, so their suggestions carried more weight. They knew what would work and what wouldn’t. Technically, they were great. They’re always really responsive. Every aspect has been a great experience.

“Everyone loves them. Everyone has a great story to tell.”

Originally published Friday, January 31, 2003

iPoint is proud to be a DELL small business partner and provider

iPoint Technologies has been working with DELL for over 9 years now and has continued to choose DELL servers, DELL PC’s and DELL Laptops as the primary hardware for small business networks. DELL has provided execellent products and customer support to our small business network clients in the past and we value them as a partner.

Through our partnership we have the ability to offer network equipment and hardware at a reduced price, saving your business money. In these economic times we all try to get the most out of our money and we feel that DELL products provide you with the most “Bang for your Buck” and have an outstanding track record for reliabilty and stability, reducing overall maintenance and support costs. Take a look at there business line of products here. http://www.dell.com/business?~ck=mn

iPoint can recommend the right hardware and software for your small business network. We also get a partner discount on all equipment purchases from DELL and pass these savings on to you. We Do NOT mark up any equipment or software purchases here at iPoint, thus keeping you the customer, our main focus, not the amount of equipment we can sell you. Contact us today to evaluate your current network and make the right recommendation for your needs.