Kruger & Clary, CPA’s

Kruger CPAs Testimonial

 “Our firm would like to inform others about the type of service that Information Point Technologies provides. We have been using I Point Tech for our computer needs since 2004. They were able to come in and provide suggestions as to what needed to be upgraded in our technological equipment, and they were able to order these items for us and come in and install everything. They have continually checked in on our system to make sure everything is running correctly and that everything has been updated. We have been very satisfied with this service.

We also used I Point Tech for our website design. Their staff created a wonderful site for us and have continued to make changes to the site for us. Their company also does the search engine submissions for us, so that our website is more easily found by others looking for someone in our field. We have been amazed at how many people visit our website by searching the internet. They also have a website we can check out that lets us know all of our statistics associated with our site, which is very useful information.

Overall our firm really appreciates everything that I Point Tech does for us, and we continue to recommend them to anyone that might need their services. Their whole staff is so friendly and very willing to help at anytime. They really have a great philosophy by providing great customer service.”

Melissa A. Clary, C.P.A., Owner

Work Performed:

  • Website Creation/Updates
  • Website Hosting
  • SEO
  • Networking Services


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Jennifer Richardson Insurance Agency, Inc.

Farmers Insurance

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Information Point Technologies over the last 3 years. I-Point is very responsive and has handled all of our “emergencies” in a very timely manner. I was especially impressed when they were able to access my computer without being at my office. They were so busy that they could not send a tech to my office, but they were able to use remote access to “look” into my computer from their office. It was amazing and took care of the problem right away! Thanks for all of your help and counseling at our office!”


Jennifer Richardson Farmers Insurance Group, Agent

Legacy Land Trust

Legacy Land Trust Testimonial“It is a pleasure to work with Mark Herndon of I Point for a number of reasons.

We are a non-profit, and as such, must be extremely careful of our resources because we never know for sure about our income streams. Mark started counseling with us a few years ago as our technology in place and what we needed were not consistent. We were outgrowing our systems and Mark helped us stretch what we had until we could come by some new workstations and other items.

We were able to get donations of two new HP dual core workstations with 20” flat screens, an HP 3600 color printer, as well as two other reconditioned workstations from the Jared Polis Foundation. Obviously it was really important to us to have all our data and systems transferred to the new equipment in an orderly and efficient way that would maximize these new assets with an eye toward future goals (such as loading GIS software and storing large photo files that are legally critical to our work).

Mark took great care to understand where we had come from and whose system contained what parts of our organization and did a super job of mapping everything to our new workstations. He also helped us understand and provide for our new capacity by recommending new server options and made a point to help us secure the best capacity for the least cost and upgraded our system through that transition as well.

Mark is also one of the nicest people I’ve ever worked with as well as being appropriately serious, conscientious, friendly, and concerned with what your needs are. We can’t say enough good about our experience with Mark and I Point – what little bit more we might pay for consultation, service and maintenance saves us thousands if we were to try to just use “any IT person off the street,” if we were to lose data or if our system had not been streamlined and professionally put together by Mark with his critical understanding of our past, present, and future needs.”

Regards, Jane Clark